Bodega Blast
January 2017

A shopping / racing game themed around the game show 'Supermarket Sweep'. A large part of this game was to try and develop something with tight controls and a fun core mechanic built around multiple play sessions aiming for greater scores.

Created for the Little Awful Jam 2017 with the theme 'Panic'

Created using Unity Engine
RX Mania
July 2016

A puzzle game created in a weekend for the jam after scrapping a larger and more ambitous original idea. The basic gameplay is heavily based off the game 'Dungeon Raid' for iOS. I intend on further developing this game in the future and integrating features I didn't have time for in the original jam, such as viruses which affect the gameplay on the board and diseases which require unique combinations of pills to defeat.

Created for the Big Awful Jam 2016 with the theme 'Games for Grandpa'

Created using Unity Engine
Chillax Inc.
January 2016

This project was based on a scrapped original idea and has you playing as a robot, handling all the tasks in a day before your human companion comes home and trying to avoid them becoming angry at the situation. This was one of my largest experimentations thus far into the use of Unity's UI systems.

Created for the Little Awful Jam 2016 with the theme 'Chill'

Created using Unity Engine
July 2015

The first large scale project I completed using Unity Engine. Unarmed was designed to be a Zelda style adventure game with the key mechanic of only having a shield for both offense and defense. The biggest downside of the project was that we created notable features that are only used in one or two rooms and that the general combat can be unreliable.

This was created for the SA Game Dev Challenge X

Created using Unity Engine
Sugar Spree
January 2014

First Global Game Jam I attended. The game was a simple 2D runner with the basic mechanic of colliding with other characters to steal their candy. The goal being to collect as much sugary foods as possible while avoding anything healthy.

This was created at Global Game Jam 2014 in Monrovia, CA

Created with Haxe, using the Flash and HTML5 exports
July 2012

First game jam project. Created from the ground up for the jam itself, included functionality of a level editor (not present in public builds) as well as various custom scripts to service grahpics, sound, and gameplay functionality.

This was created for the SA Game Jam in 2012 with the theme of 'Balls'

Created with Adobe Flash (ActionScript 3)